Can you make a collage of karim benzema mostly and some of his team mate..? Please —Anonymous ♥

im gonna need you to be a little bit more specific, sorry

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Can you please do a collage of one direction at jays wedding? —Anonymous ♥

well zayn wasnt there but yeah i can do the other 4

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OMG can you PLEASE do an edit of tastyee from OITNB I love her —Anonymous ♥


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hey plz, i want another collage of nolan and andrew, could be or nahh —Anonymous ♥

tbh i dont see a reason for me to make a new one i made you one a couple weeks ago and if you dont like it find someone else that makes collages

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What app do you use to make the collages? And where do you get back grounds for the tweet ones? I'd love to know. Thanks for being babe ilysm. Stay fab, stay Rad💀, ~Xx Ash —the-darkness-in-us-all


I usually find the background images by searching “backgrounds” on tumblr and resizing the ones i like

For my collages, I use a program called For my tweet stuff, I use

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collage of nolan funk and andrew garfield, plzzz —Anonymous ♥

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